Our Creek Display, Moonee Valley Festival

Sunday 28th February 2016

The annual Moonee Valley Festival was held in Queens Park in late February. An important component of the community consultation for the Our Moonee Ponds Creek project was the installation and display of a wide variety of information about the creek and it's history, represented as a thematic chronology and a large map table. People attending the festival had the opportunity to review the information, contribute ideas and discuss a range of issues and opportunities with project team members, Council staff and Friends of the Moonee Ponds Creek.

The display was designed as a ‘conversation starter’, to explore the nature of the creek and to create greater awareness of the creek as an important asset within the urban environment today. The display was consistently busy across the entire day with curious and animated people, and extensive and valuable feedback was received, which will be crucial to the development of the master plan.

The images below are a small sample of the beautiful artworks about the Moonee Ponds Creek that were created during the day.

Thank you to all those who participated. It is very clear from the people we have met that the community has a deep interest in the Moonee Ponds Creek. We are currently collating all feedback from the first phase of consultation.

'Share Your Creativity' Competition

Since January, the Our Moonee Ponds Creek project has been asking people to get creative and draw, write or paint your expression of the creek. These creations will help inspire our plan for the future of Moonee Ponds Creek.

In early May, a winner for the competition was announced at Council’s Ordinary Meeting.

We are pleased to announce Elaine of Strathmore is the winner. She provided the following wonderful response. It was chosen as it captured the essence of the creek, noting the past, present and future of the area through the eyes of a local and provided an insight into the value of the creek for the surrounding community.

"The year is 1946. I am 4 years old and my parents have put their first payment down on a 3 small-roomed weatherboard house on a 1/4 acre piece of land with the title on one side ending in the creek. Some years later, the paddock out the front of the house became Margaret Street.

Our mail was delivered to the Post Office at the bottom of Gaffney Street across from the Pascoe Vale Station and our suburb had several name changes - Essendon North, Happy Valley and finally Oak Park. We had our own chickens, a cow, vegie garden and fruit trees. Our water supply came from two huge tanks and a spring on the bank of the creek on our land which is now covered in cement.

The natural Famer's Market we topped up from was found in and around the Moonee Ponds Creek. There were eels, yabbies. and rabbits and once a year mushrooms galore.

Dad would chop a pathway through the boxthorn hedges and wild aniseed plants to the base of the creek, and then roll stones to make a crossing to the other side. This was replaced after every flood that would run a banker and finish at our own doorstep. The widening of the creek and the footbridge that was built when Strathmore North State School opened made life easier.

Sadly to me, the covering of smooth cement with its harsh never changing appearance was like Botox on a face that loses its movement. As a small child, my family and our visitors enjoyed the freedom and adventures around this untamed country creek, but as the years rolled on a hardworking group joined as 'Friends of the Creek' to deliver a growing green wardrobe that brings colour and wildlife back into my little corner of the world."